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"Lake reeds and peace - Camping HAWAY" 4 of 5 stelleRecensito August 19, 2013 It was a few years ago that I used to go to Lake Viverone. I found improved road signs, with embellishments and round conspicuous, and more easily, I reached the Camping Haway, which closes the road to the west of the lake, coming from the City towards Roppolo (fraction Masseria). A beautiful view, among rows of vineyards and the lake that appears among the trees, and a silence that gives a nice break to the hectic city life. After a registration key, here I am at the beach equipped and the small pier where boats are moored for the evening fishing, and the sails, in truly restful, which has to frame the hill with the castle of Roppolo, and left the paludare reed bed that is home to several wildlife species (mallards, ducks, coots, gulls), and the lake flora (many water lilies). A climate of total calm and familiar, make the stay pleasant. Surrounded by lake and by some fishermen of whitefish, perch, carp, lake and birds, the place, a few kilometers from the big cities, is a small gem of Canavese, Piedmont third largest lake in length (more than five square miles). For lovers of archaeological history, Lake Viverone, right in front of the camping portion, in the village of Masseria, contains an important site dating back to the Bronze Age. For those who love the excursion on the lake there is also a ferry that, with a few Euros, it takes you to go around the lake, with a guide on board that explains everything! To disconnect from the city, if only for a weekend, Camping Haway rent bungalow recently built, provided at all points and with a view of the lake! The lounge bar is always the same: the jukebox (impareggiabile!), pinball, foosball and billiard tables and a small bazaar for last-minute purchases. The camp Haway welcomes families stationed every year from April to October in that little corner of peace, as well (like a big family) are organized dancing, fancy dress and games for the most 'children. They often went to the Haway, is one of those places that every time he has been able to improve without losing that calm sense of intimacy and familiarity that makes a camping whatever their homes.

The family management of the CAMPING HAWAY does yes that the human relationship is always to the first place towards the campers. FranK, skilled barman, will know how to satisfy yours most varied applications, from the appetizers to the cocktails more sfiziosis. Rita, will prepare you you granulate refreshing and enormous cones of ice cream.